EUBAM staff awarded the CSDP Service Medal and certificates

On 5 June 2018, the Mission held its annual Medal Parade during which five Mission Members were recognized for having met the requirements of eligibility and having completed the necessary period of qualifying service as members of the European... more

Head of Mission revisits the Gaza Strip

On 24 May 2018, Guenther Freisleben, the Head of the European Union Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) Rafah visited the Gaza Strip. Following the news on the temporary, yet consecutive, reopening of the Rafah Crossing Point (RCP) for the duration of... more

EUBAM Rafah, EUPOL COPPS participate in EU Open Day

The European External Action Service opened its doors to the public in celebration of the annual Open Day of the European Union on 5 May 2018 in Brussels. Both EUBAM Rafah and EUPOL COPPS took part in the one-day event, along with representatives of... more

EUBAM Rafah – together with EUPOL COPPS – facilitates training on intellectual property crimes.

Fighting intellectual property crimes is a key priority on the international agenda. Illegal trade of counterfeit products represents 2.5-3% of global trade, amounting to more than 330 billion Euro per year. Infringements of intellectual property... more

Assessing the training needs for Palestinian border agencies

As an initial step in the process of conducting a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the different agencies operating under the Palestinian General Administration for Border and Crossings (GABC), EUBAM Rafah has piloted a full day session with the... more

Working to ensure professional ethical conduct by Palestinian Border Management Staff

Ethics Policies set the values that outline the ground rules for staff members with respect to standards of conduct. In the process of establishing a transparent and accountable public administrations in Palestine, developing sound Ethics Policies... more