09.05.2011 EUBAM Rafah participates in EU’s Day in Ramallah

A delegation of EUBAM Rafah participated on Monday 9th in the celebrations of Europe’s Day organized by the Office of the European Union
Representative which took place at the First Ramallah Group in Ramallah.The EUBAM Rafah stood in a joint booth with the other EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)
Mission in the area, EUPOL COPPS, which was visited by Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salam FAYYAD, and the EU Representative, Mr. Christian BERGER. The delegation had the
opportunity to distribute brochures and leaflets from their respective organizations, as well as promotional materials (pens, flash lights, ribbons, notebooks) to the visitors
who passed by this yearly public exhibition showcasing the EU's support to the Palestinian people.