EUBAM organises study trip to Hungary for Palestinian borders officials

From 8 to 13 February, EUBAM Rafah organized a study trip in Hungary for ten senior officials from the Palestinian General Administration of Borders and Crossings GABC. The objective is to provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience about the Integrated Border Management (IBM) system according to the Schengen border catalogue and international standards.

IBM aims at an improved coordination and cooperation among relevant authorities involved in border control and security to establish effective, efficient and integrated border management systems.

This study trip is fully integrated in the ongoing EUBAM’s PA Preparedness project. The participants will visit the border control at the EU external border (Roszke Border Crossing, Hungary – Serbia land border, Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest and Baja International Harbour, at the Danube river).

During the study trip, GABC officials will receive briefings about training and education systems organized for border police field and commanding officers in the Szeged Police Training Centre and in the Minister of Internal Affairs International Training Centre, including the selection process, the basic and specialized border security trainings.