Head of EUBAM Rafah, Natalina CEA, meets with GABC Director General Nazmi Muhanna

On Thursday 23 July, the Head of EUBAM Rafah Mission met with the GABC Director General Nazmi Muhanna at Al Karamah terminal in Jericho.

The purpose of Ms. Cea’s visit was to introduce her and to underline the continuation of the sustainable cooperation with GABC as the main counterpart of

 EUBAM Rafah. This session was part of a series of high level meetings held recently to maintain and develop contacts with stakeholders involved in the potential reopening of the Rafah Crossing Point.


Mr. Nazmi Muhanna insisted from the very beginning on the GABC full cooperation with EUBAM Rafah and clearly expressed his hope that all the stakeholders involved will work for Rafah Crossing Point reopening as soon as possible.

Ms. Cea also informed the Director General Muhanna on the new plan for assisting GABC, including the possibility to use new technologies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the border controls.