EUBAM Rafah concludes a workshop for PA officials

On 8 May 2017, 33 participants from the General Administration for Border and Crossings (GABC) and relevant stakeholders attended a workshop in Jericho on Cooperation among Judiciary and Investigative Authorities.

The workshop was structured to provide participants with an overview of the Palestinian legal framework on criminal investigations, reporting, operational and coordinating activities with the State Prosecution office. In addition to a presentation on the legal framework, practical cases and main procedural aspects concerning the Customs Courts in Palestine.

The domestic experience was presented by Chief Prosecutor on Economic Crimes, Mrs. Najat Breigi and by a Judge from the Palestinian Customs Court, Mr. Muhannad Al Arda. While the international experience was carried out by a EUPOL-COPPS representative who presented the international best practices on procedural aspects concerning investigations and coordination activities among judiciary and investigative authorities.