Working to ensure professional ethical conduct by Palestinian Border Management Staff

Ethics Policies set the values that outline the ground rules for staff members with respect to standards of conduct. In the process of establishing a transparent and accountable public administrations in Palestine, developing sound Ethics Policies within Border Authorities is fundamental in ensuring professional ethical conduct by Border Management Staff. 

On 12 and 13 March 2018, EUBAM Rafah facilitated a workshop aimed at discussing benefits, issues and challenges linked to the implementation of Ethics Policies, with particular attention to border related activities.

Visiting experts from six EU Member States (Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) addressed different ways to enhance the capacity of the senior management of the General Authority for Border and Crossings in their effort to create a transparent and accountable working environment. The workshop also discussed ways to improve the Palestinian capacity to manage international borders, including Rafah Crossing Point, when the political and security conditions allow.

The success of the workshop was granted thanks to the senior management of the General Authority for Border and Crossings, who presented the current situation within the Palestinian Authority with regard to the workshop’s topics. The 51 workshop participants from the General Authority for Border and Crossings committed themselves wholeheartedly to the working groups where best practices and case studies were discussed in depth with the international speakers.