Two Missions join forces to enhance the fight against border crimes

This week, the two EU Missions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, EUBAM Rafah and EUPOL COPPS, co-organized a two-day training on effective investigation and prosecution of border related crimes.

Whereas EUBAM Rafah is engaging and advising GABC, the General Administration for Borders and Crossings and various border agencies of the Palestinian Authority, EUPOL COPPS is mentoring and advising the Palestinian public prosecution services. For the training session at the Al Kamara Terminal in Jericho, 15 participants from various Palestinian border agencies joined 15 public prosecutors.

Need for robust cooperation
The two-day training was organized as a result of the increasing demand for building, expanding and maintaining robust cooperation among all stakeholders involved in the fight against border crimes. Such stronger cooperation includes establishing efficient systems for the exchange of information; coordination and communication measures; as well as collection, preservation and presentation of evidence etc.

“A look at the program will assure you that a wide range of aspects related to border crimes will be covered. Particular attention will be given to establishing a robust cooperation among public prosecutors and border agencies. Additionally, apart from the actual training, the aim is networking”, said Florin Bulgariu, EUBAM Rafah’s expert in Integrated Border Management in his opening remarks.

Two experienced judges from the Jordanian Judicial Institute conducted the training covering, amongst other subjects, the legal provisions for border related crimes, examples of crimes with economic implications and procedural aspects of the investigations.

An integrated and coherent approach
For EUBAM Rafah (The European Union Border Assistance Mission at the Rafah Crossing Point) and EUPOL COPPS (The European Union Coordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support) the joint training stands as an example of an integrated and coherent approach in support of the overall objective of promoting stability and human security in the region. Both Missions stand ready to assist with future facilitation of the effective cooperation between the various bodies involved in the fight against border related crimes.

Top photo (from left): The two trainers Judge Ahmad Abdul Mohsen Al-Afif and Judge Amer Qasim Al-Qudah from the Jordanian Judicial Institute; Mr Florin Bulgariu, Expert in Integrated Border Management, EUBAM Rafah; and Mr Giovanni Galzignato, Head of the Rule of Law Section, EUPOL COPPS.
Bottom photo 1: Fifteen participants from various border agencies of the Palestinian Authority and fifteen public prosecutors joined the two-day training.
Bottom photo 2: The Director General of International Relations of the General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC), Mr Iyad Salameh warmly welcomed the organizers, the trainers and the participants to the Al Kamara Border Terminal in Jericho.
Bottom photo 3: Representing the Attorney General, Dr Ahmad Barak, the Chief Prosecutor of Economic Crimes, Mr Yasser Hammad, provided a set of motivating and insightful opening remarks, and later addressed media representatives covering the event.