Improving Security Through Early Detection of Extremism and Signs of Terrorism

Countering terrorism is a universal effort that rests on many agencies and institutions working to protect our societies. Early detection of potential terrorism and plotting extremism are counter-terrorism means which contributes to higher security through prevention and elimination of threats and risks. 

As part of a comprehensive package of specialized trainings delivered by EUBAM Rafah to personnel serving in border related agencies under the Palestinian Authority, a three-day course in ’Profiling Terrorism/Extremism and Serious Cross-Border Crime’ was completed in January 2019. 

The course was organized by EUBAM Rafah and conducted by the Mission’s staff together with a European visiting expert. It included topics such as the intelligence cycle, critical thinking, threat assessment, the analyst’s role, personality profiling vs. behavioural profiling, terrorist use of the internet, communication monitoring, foreign fighters moving across borders, inter-agency cooperation and international standards on the subject matter. 

The course targeted 16 Palestinian ’mid-level’ officers with 6-10 years of field experience. The training audience represented officers from the General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC), the Border (Passport) Police, the General and Military Intelligence agencies, the Preventive Security and the Palestinian Customs agency. The training took place under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority’s multi-annual capacity enhancement programme – ‘the PA Preparedness Project’.