EUBAM Rafah Continues to fulfill its Counterparts Needs

In fulfillment of the needs of the General Administration for Borders and Crossings, EUBAM Rafah organized a-two-day-training on Anti-Smuggling Techniques.


The Mission’s IBM Expert supported by Border Police and Customs Experts in EUBAM delivered a workshop aimed at building the capacities of GABC’s personnel and developing their competencies in the field of detecting and fighting smuggling.


The training which started on the 16th of April in Jericho targeted mid to top PA members from Customs and Customs Police; two of the Palestinian Agencies concerned with border protection. Those two days were a great opportunity to present the latest anti-smuggling techniques to the audience and to have them reflect on the presented information and shared experiences for an in-depth analysis of both agencies in terms of their most complex tasks, challenges, shortcomings and needs for further improvement.


EUBAM Rafah has now become more aware than ever of the organizational needs of its counterparts and continues to work closely with them in order to have all actions and events tailored to meet their necessities.