Meet the Mission’s Integrated Border Management Expert

“Internal and international cooperation and liaison among all relevant agencies involved in border security is crucial not only at the borders of Palestine and the neighbouring countries, but also in general to ensure secure borders and establish effective and coordinated border management”, says Florin Bulgariu – the Integrated Border Management Expert at the European Union Border Assistance Mission for the Rafah Crossing Point.

Mr. Bulgariu comes from Timisoara Region in Romania. He holds a master's degree in Strategic Border Management and has more than 27 years of service in border operations/management in Romania and in CSDP Missions across the world (EUMM Georgia, EUBAM Libya)

The Mission’s IBM Expert joined the Mission in Oct. 2017. Ever since, he has brought his previous experiences into the best practice of the Palestinian General Administration for Borders and Crossings. He has arranged and contributed to the planning and implementation of a large number of trainings and workshops on different topics including but not limited to counterfeited travel documents, countering illegal migration, anti-fraud measures and fighting against smuggling and terrorism. Mr. Bulgariu has also assisted in arranging study visits and receiving visiting experts in cases when EUBAM hasn’t had the needed in-house expertise. 

Mr. Bulgariu, together with the Operations team at EUBAM, works closely with the Palestinian agencies operating under the umbrella of GABC to elevate work procedures and enhance the capacity of the Palestinian Authority’s border agencies in order to achieve a modern and sustainable border management system in line with international standards.