EUBAM Rafah Organized a Study Visit to the Headquarters of the European Anti-Fraud Office in Brussels

To help participants learn through visual experience, EUBAM Rafah organized a study visit to OLAF headquarters in Brussels for five selected managers from the General Administration for Borders and Crossings from the 18th to the 20th of June 2019. 


The study visit tackled the different activities undertaken by OLAF in the fields of anti-fraud and combating corruption with particular focus on investigation procedures and review processes in addition to external aid investigation, data analysis and fraud prevention. 


Officials from different EU institutions and directorates such as the European Commission and the Taxation and Customs Union shared their knowledge and experiences with the visiting Palestinian delegation. This visit offered the participants an opportunity for immersion with the work atmosphere and environment of OLAF and other EU bodies and allowed them to ask the experts about their particular expertise.


The study visit complimented the activities implemented earlier by the Mission as part of an OLAF project in which local counterparts were introduced to the work of OLAF in relevance to investigation into border related frauds and fight against corruption. Participants were familiarized with OLAF competencies, activities, working procedures and relationships with external institutions and interlocutors.