First Group of Palestinian Pilgrims leave to Mecca through Al Karama Terminal

On Saturday 27 July, the first group of Palestinian Pilgrims left to Jordan en route for the annual “Hajj” AKA pilgrimage through Al-Karama Crossing.

This year, 6600 pilgrims are expected for Hajj –one of the five pillars pf Islam, from the West Bank and Jerusalem.  

Iyad Salameh, the Head of International Relations at the General Administration for Borders and Crossings said “it is in these times that we apply all the teachings and skills acquired by EUBAM Rafah; all capacity building trainings and activities come in handy in these situations. The Hajj Season is a high Season for Border Authorities and could be best compared to a beehive where everyone works together towards facilitating the Palestinian pilgrims’ exit from Palestine to Jordan and making this religious journey as slick as possible.