GABC Representatives Successfully Completed a Training on Investigations on Cross-Border Crimes

Aimed at developing knowledge and improving skills in encountering serious crimes with cross-border dimensions, six participants from the General Administration for Borders and Crossings and the relevant border agencies took part in a three-day-training entitled "Investigations on Cross-Border Crimes" at the Judicial Training Institute in Amman, Jordan. 

As part of the training which was held between 2 and 4 December 2019, participants received an introduction to cross-border crimes and laws regulating them. The two judges from the Judicial Training Institute covered a wide range of codes, procedures and relevant legal frameworks before presenting comparative models of prosecution procedures in investigating cross-border crimes in neighboring countries.

The training was a good opportunity for GABC representatives to learn about the powers of public prosecution as well as the required operational responses to cross-border crimes and threats. 

This training was the second to be held in collaboratin with the Jordanian Judicial Institute and consolidates the Mission's endstate represented in enhancing GABC and other border agencies knowledge and practical skills in the legal aspects of criminal investigations.