HoM EUBAM Meets the Egyptian Ambassador to Ramallah

On 9 March 2021, the Head of the European Union Border Assistance Mission Florin Bulgariu met with the Egyptian Ambassador to Ramallah Tarek Tayel. 

The meeting came in continuation of a series of meetings held by HoM EUBAM with Mission partners and counterparts. Mr. Bulgariu updated Ambassador Tayel on the Mission's mandate and the kind of activities run by the Mission in the field of capacity building until the political and security situations allow for a possible redeployment to the Rafah Crossing Point. Mr. Bulgariu and Ambassador Tayel discussed a number of matters including the current Cairo-borkered reconciliation that should end a 14-year rift between the two main Palestinian factions in addition to the dialogue over elections and the possible outcomes. 

"We value the role EUBAM Rafah plays in the arena. We share the same vision for operating the land crossing in a manner that allows the travel and transit of people and goods while maintaining the security of Gaza as well as Egypt. We support the work done by the Mission to enhance  the  capacity of the Palestinian Authority’s border agencies on border related issues in line with international standards" said the Egyptian Ambassador.

"I was happy to meet the Egyptian Ambassador and to discuss our visions for facilitating a normal life and movement for around 2 million Palestinians living in a 365-sq km Strip. Egypt has always been a key stakeholder in the region and we hope that concluded agreements among Palestinian leaderships will pave the way for a possible return to a full Mission Mandate", said HoM EUBAM