GABC Female Officers Complete a Training on Project Cycle Management

As part of EUBAM Rafah's dedication to promoting gender mainstreaming in its activities with the General Administration for Borders and Crossings and its commitment to empowering GABC female staff members with both the knowledge and skills that will enable them to take on higher level leadership positions; the Mission concluded a series of trainings on Project Cycle Management and Project Design on Wednesday 3 November 2021 in Jericho.

Seven female officers were selected to sit for the training that took place over the past two months. The training enhanced the knowledge of the participants on Project Cycle Management and Project Design through the provision and discussion of the fundamental information for identifying a project’s goal and objectives, components, proper and efficient planning methods, activity planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as risk assessment and management. The training was also focused on equipping the participants with the knowledge needed to link projects to internal, national and international strategies.

The training was well received by the participants and the feedback stressed on the need for more awareness on national agendas relevant to their work. One participant commented “the training was insightful, I never looked at our role as GABC from the perceptive of a national agenda”. All participants agreed that further trainings are necessary and that the information gained will be helpful – “I found the training very informative, the information provided is intensive. However, I feel I need more trainings and practice opportunities to be able to integrate this information into my work.” Another added “I will use this knowledge and skills for the development for my planning skills, I recognize I have to read more and be more informed.”

EUBAM Rafah will continue to work in full swing to fulfill the needs of its counterpart GABC within its area of expertise and to amplify the voices and ideas of women in what encourages them to take the lead.