EUBAM Rafah Awards Seven Mission Members CSDP Service Medals

In the presence of Mr. Francisco Esteban Perez, the EU Civilian Operations Commander and the Director of the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC), and an accompanying delegation arriving from Brussels, EUBAM Rafah held on Monday 7 March 2022 its Medal Parade Ceremony in the Mission HQs located in Tel Aviv. 
The efforts of seven Mission members from different EU Member States were recognized in a ceremonial event after having met the eligibility requirements and the necessary period of qualifying service in EUBAM Rafah, one of the eleven civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions.
The event included short speeches by the CivOpsCdr and HoM EUBAM, the awarding of medals and certificates and was concluded by a small reception. CivOpsCdr Francisco Esteban Perez addressed the awardees and thanked them for their engagement and action that keep the Mission visible. He also applauded their efforts in promoting knowledge and learning, each in their area of expertise in all aspects of border control.  In his turn, HoM EUBAM Florin Bulgariu welcomed the CivOpsCdr whose visit came as the first since his appointment in October 2020 and congratulated all Mission members, from the various nationalities and genders, for their significant role in assisting the Palestinian counterparts within the framework of the established cooperation and support. In his concluding remarks, HoM EUBAM encouraged Mission members to stand as inscribed in Latin on the service medal "Pro Pace Unum", which translates as "United for Peace". 

DISCLAIMER: The event was held in the open air and in accordance with COVID-19 regulations for safety and health.