Third Module of Leadership Development Workshop Concluded

EUBAM Rafah concluded the third module of the Leadership Development Workshop for senior GABC managers.

The workshop, which took place in Cairo between March 21 and March 23, came as the third and final session within a series of trainings that first started in October 2019 and covered a wide array of subject matters aimed at developing the skills of GABC top managers in different fields.

The third module continued over the span of three days and covered topics related to dealing with press and media including Interviews and Statements, Press Conferences and Press Releases in addition to Crisis Communication. It comprised of theoretical lessons coupled with practical examples and discussions as well as exercises and role plays. Following the exercises, participants were given the chance to watch the recordings and together with instructors they were able to identify the points that required improvement and to do supplementary exercises, as needed. 

Iyad Salameh, Head of International Relations at GABC commented "This was a very useful workshop. It was held over 10 days in total. Now that we've concluded the training, I feel that I as well as the five other participants who sat for this workshop are more confident in our appearances, postures and in dealing with the camera even in the toughest of situations"