Training on Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management Completed

In cooperation with the German Police State Bureau for Training, Professional Development and Personnel of North Rhine-Westphalia, EUBAM Rafah conducted recently a three-day training for operational forces of the Palestinian border authorities under the umbrella of the General Administration for Border and Crossings (GABC) in Jericho.

The Mission’s Border Police Expert and two professional trainers from Germany prepared a comprehensive program focusing on professional behavior in different conflict situations involving passengers at border crossings. The training was well perceived by the 15 male and female participants from various GABC agencies.

The theoretical part aimed at raising awareness for the socio-cultural mechanisms of conflicts as well as the function and the impact of stress on human beings. As a follow up, various options for addressing such situations efficiently and adequately were explored.

The theory transitioned into interactive lessons, where the participants could apply their newly acquired knowledge and to exercise corresponding techniques for dealing with tense situations.

Mr. Iyad Salameh, the Head of the International Relations Section of GABC, expressed his gratitude towards EUBAM Rafah and the German trainers on behalf of GABC.

He emphasized the importance of international and intercultural co-operation when facing future challenges and described EUBAM Rafah as an indispensable partner.