Second Training on Conflict Prevention and Conflict Management for GABC completed

Following the successful completion of the training course on “Conflict Prevention/ Conflict Management” delivered by the experts from the German Police State Bureau for Training, Professional Development and Personnel of North Rhine-Westphalia (LAFP) in June 2022, EUBAM Rafah together with the General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC) opted for an advanced course that would foster knowledge, skills and competences.

Between 4 February 2023 and 7 February 2023, a training tailored to GABC needs was delivered in Jericho to 18 participants from the Borders and Crossings Administration.  The training started off with a recap of the basic training and moved on to a demonstration of how to practically implement the previously acquired knowledge in the participants’ daily routine. The experts also elaborated on advanced techniques to prevent and manage conflicts on several levels, including inter-personal conflicts as well as conflicts between law enforcement officers and civilians.

The training was perceived as very positive by the representatives of the involved agencies. Mr. Iyad Salameh, Head of the International Relations at GABC, thanked EUBAM and LAFP experts for their continuous support and expressed his wish to build up on the fruitful cooperation with EUBAM and LAFP.