EUBAM Rafah facilitates a training seminar on Cultural Heritage Protection in cooperation with Italian Carabinieri Training Mission

Looting and illicit trafficking of cultural property have become major security concerns that also affect border management. Therefore, EUBAM Rafah organized a training seminar on Cultural Heritage Protection aimed at increasing the capacity of the Palestinian General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC) in fighting against trafficking of cultural property.

It was realized in cooperation with the Italian Training Mission - MIADIT Palestine (Missione Addestrativa Italiana), which deployed two experts from the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, better known as Carabinieri TPC. It was the first specialized police department in the world in the sector of combatting art and antiquities crime and represents one of the most important institutions of cultural diplomacy.

The training was conducted between January 29th and February 13th 2023 for nine officers from the different agencies working under the umbrella of GABC (Customs, Customs Police, Lawyers). It covered topics as relevant international conventions, Palestinian cultural heritage and border controls. In addition, the training included a visit to two archeological sites in Jericho where a representative from the Italian University 'La Sapienza' escorted the group and explained the importance and value of the Palestinian Cultural Heritage of those sites.