EUBAM Rafah holds Medal Parade Ceremony

In the presence of Stefano Tomat, Managing Director / Civilian Operations Commander (MD/CivOpsCdr) of the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC) of the European External Action Service, and an accompanying delegation from Brussels, EUBAM Rafah held its annual Medal Parade Ceremony in the Mission Headquarters located in Ramat Gan.

Followed by an opening speech of Stefano Tomat, three Mission Members from different EU Member States as well as two local colleagues were rewarded in recognition of their work on 28th February 2023.

The parade was preceded by a meeting of CivOpsCdr, the Delegation, EUBAM Head of Mission and Mission Staff Members. It included a presentation of EUBAM’s Head of Mission about the history, main achievements and future of the mission, followed by an input by Stefano Tomat. He highlighted recent achievements of the Mission that once again demonstrated the strengths of the Mission as a synergies catalyst. The delegation stressed the importance of the EU presence in the Palestinian Territories and the significant work of EUBAM since border management is crucial for improving the lives of many Palestinians.