European Union Heads of Mission visit Jericho


On 29 May EUBAM Rafah, EUPOL COPPS and the Office of the EU Representative in Jerusalem jointly organized a visit to Jericho for European Union Heads of Missions to present the Mission’s activities and to meet main Palestinian counterparts.


Governor Nazmi Mhanna, General Director of the Palestinian Authority’s General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC) and Major Gen Yousif Al Helo, Chief of Palestinian Civilian Police (PCP), had an exchange with the Heads of Missions on the challenges of the Palestinian administration under the current critical situation and the way forward.


Both Governor Mhanna and Major Gen Al Helo expressed appreciation for the continuous EU support manifested through the two Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions on the ground, especially at this critical point in time. EU Representative Alexandre Stutzmann stressed the importance of rule of law, justice, police, law enforcement, human rights and governance and the importance of building on what has already been reached in those areas of Palestinian-EU partnership. He reiterated the commitment of the EU towards strengthening the capacity of GABC to play an important role at border crossings, especially at the Rafah Crossing Point with the support of EUBAM Rafah.


EUBAM Rafah Head of Mission Nataliya Apostovola stated that the Mission is ready to re-engage operationally at the Rafah Crossing Point together with the PA as soon as pre-conditions are met. The EU Heads of Missions visited the GABC premises and the Al-Karama crossing, with the training center, equipped with EUBAM support and the operational room at Al-Karama terminal. During the visit to the Palestinian College for Police Science, EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission Karin Limdal said that the Mission is ready to support the PCP also in future engagements, under the Palestinian ownership and in coordination with the Mission's international partners.