Training on Counterfeit and Dangerous Medicines in Rome

From 3rd to 6th of June, EUBAM Rafah organised a Training on Counterfeit and Dangerous Medicines in Rome, Italy in collaboration with the Italian Customs and Monopolies

Agency (ADM). The training intended to increase the ability of the Palestinian General Administration for Borders and Crossing (GABC) and other border and intelligence agencies to identify and tackle a vast spectrum of dangerous products (medicines, steroids, antibiotics, antivirals, Viagra, slimming products, etc.) which might pose human and animal health at risk. The highly professional trainers belonged to ADM and to other authorities, such as Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri Corp, Ministry of Health and Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

During the event, the Director General of ADM, Cons. Roberto Alesse, expressed his gratitude to EUBAM Rafah for having chosen ADM as event’s partner. He also underlined the key role played by EUBAM Rafah, to which he gave the merit to look beyond the conflict in Gaza, and to imagine a future of peace and normality once the hostilities have stopped.

Cons. Alesse stressed ADM’s commitment to alleviate the suffering of people in Gaza through participating to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs-led initiative “Food for Gaza Project”.

ADM’s contribution will be in the form of an advanced scanner for containers and in the offer of facilitating the customs clearance process of humanitarian aid within the Cyprus Maritime Corridor.