Facts and Figures

From the start of the Mission on 25 November 2005, until the last day of opening under EUBAM monitoring on 9 June 2007, a total of 443,975 passengers crossed the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt at the Rafah Crossing Point (RCP): 229,429 persons left Gaza to enter Egypt while 214,117 entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt.


Until the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit near the Gaza Strip on 25 June 2006, the RCP was open regularly, with only 2 days of closure for 211 days of opening. During that period, a total of 279,050 people used the RCP, with an average of 1,324 per day.


Two and a half months after the opening, on 7 February 2006, RCP celebrated the crossing of its 100,000th passenger.


After the capture of Gilad Shalit and until 9 June 2007, the opening became irregular: the terminal was open 83 days and closed 268 days. A total of 164,496 people used the RCP, with an average of 1,977 a day.


EUBAM Rafah suspended its operations at RCP on 13 June 2007.


The current strength of the Mission is 10 international and 8 local staff.