07.02.2006 Rafah Crossing Point celebrates its 100,000th passenger

The European Union Border Assistance Mission (EU BAM) at the Rafah Crossing Point announces that tomorrow, Tuesday, 7 February, marks a great achievement for the Palestinian Authority when the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt is crossed for the 100,000th time.

The reopening of the Rafah Crossing Point has enabled the Palestinian people to enjoy freedom of movement and to travel abroad. It has also created an opportunity for free trade that will enable the Palestinian economy to regenerate in order to improve the current humanitarian situation.

Moreover, it has given the Palestinian Authority the historical opportunity of directly managing its border crossing, and of demonstrating in doing so the professionalism and efficiency of its officers in carrying out this important task.

Since the Rafah Crossing Point was reopened on 25 November last year, around 51 000 people have crossed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt and around 49,000 have crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. This adds up to 100,000 people in both directions, averaging 1,385 each day, in less than 10 weeks.

For this reason, EU BAM's Head of Mission, Lt. General Pietro Pistolese, together with the General Director of the Rafah Crossing Point, Mr. Samir Abu Nahla, will award passenger number 100,000 with a certificate commemorating this special event.

All TV crews and photographers who would like to be present for the Photo Opp should please arrive at the Terminal no later than 11.45 to make the necessary arrangements, as this symbolic certificate for passenger number 100,000 will be awarded by the representatives of both EU BAM and the PA at noon.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact EU BAM’s PPIO: 054-4926836