15.07.2006 (14:00 PM) Border breach

Yesterday evening two breaches were blown in the border wall not far from Rafah Crossing Point (RCP). 

Hundreds of people crossed from Egypt into the Gaza Strip, and many also crossed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt.

European Union Border Assistacce Mission (EUBAM), which mandate is limited at Rafah Crossing Point, maintained liaison with both Parties throughout the incident and in doing so helped to ensure that it ended peacefully when the Presidential Guard sealed the border.

The Rafah Border Crossing has been closed since 25th June, despite EUBAM efforts to open it for at least the hundreds of passengers stuck in the Egyptian side of the terminal whose humanitarian situation has caused concern.  Until the incident yesterday these people had been in the terminal for 19 days. During the period since 25th June both EUBAM monitors and the PA officials who run RCP have been on permanent standby and ready to open the crossing at short notice.

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