EUBAM Rafah celebrates the Opening Ceremony of GABC Training Center

On 23 May 2017, the opening ceremony of the GABC Rehabilitated Training Center located at Al Karamah Terminal in Jericho was successfully achieved.

EUBAM Rafah HoM Ms. Natalina Cea and GABC GD Mr. Nazmi Mouhanna chaired the opening ceremony with the presence of border agencies top managers, officers, instructors, and EUBAM mission staff members.

The training center, which was renovated by EUBAM Rafah Mission funding, will be used by GABC and EUBAM Rafah experts for delivering training activities - including workshops, seminars and conferences - to GABC and other PA border agency personnel.

The support in the creation of a space dedicated entirely for training activities is another important step for the sustainability of EUBAM Rafah action towards GABC capacity building, which is already committed during the current mandate in constituting a pool of GABC trainers with the use of ‘ToT methodology’ and through the organization of study visits.