EUBAM Rafah Supports the General Administration for Borders and Crossings in Developing its Communication Strategy

Communication is defined as the process of passing and sharing of knowledge, ideas and messages between different recipients and audiences. In order to communicate its information and instructions to the public and to forge and maintain connections in a manner that allows the Administration to work efficiently towards its goals, EUBAM Rafah has supported GABC in developing an effective communication strategy.

Since October 2018, EUBAM Rafah and GABC have worked jointly to enhance GABC's capacity to present its own image to the public; one of the key objectives of the Mission. With the help of a Finnish communications consultant, a Media Communication Strategy was successfully drafted.

On 19 June 2019, the Mission held the last of a number of sessions under the Media Communication Strategy project. This last workshop aimed at enhancing corporate news production and focused on identifying corporate news opportunities and storytelling techniques. The consultant used a number of exercises and scenarios to engage GABC participants who reflected on their knowledge and existing experiences.

The workshop was attended by 10 participants from the counterpart's Media Department and was held in GABC training center in Jericho.