Second Leadership Development Workshop Concluded

In continuation of an earlier workshop held in Jericho in April 2019, EUBAM Rafah concluded its second leadership development training. The workshop came as part of a series of leadership training sessions aimed at further developing the existing leadership skills and qualities of the top managers at the General Administration for Borders and Crossings and covered topics related to communication and conflict management.

 In a two-way-learning method, the 8 GABC representatives exchanged their experiences with Mr. Arunas Beksta, an international expert who arrived in Jordan from Lithuania to deliver this training between 13 and 16 October 2019. For the duration of four days, they shared and developed their knowledge about the overall principles of communication including verbal/ non-verbal communication and body language.  Supported by scenarios and roleplays, all participants were capable of exploring ways to improving communication through active and reflective listening.

To avoid conflicts resulting from miscommunications, the training dealt with conflicts and conflict-management. By the end of the lessons, participants in working groups developed their understanding of conflicts and learnt new theories and approaches to resolving them.  

Mr. Guenther Freisleben, Head of Mission EUBAM, contributed to the training and commented: “the change in the scenery had a positive effect on all participants who were engaged and less distracted by ringing phones or emails. We will continue to work closely with GABC to nurture the leaders of both today and tomorrow, to encourage them to implement effective leadership styles and to make better decisions”.